Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Rita Ackermann and Harmony Korine

'Shadow Fux' at the Swiss Institute 

'When the young artists and old friends Rita Ackermann and Harmony Korine joined forces to create the work that would become “Shadow Fux,” the show currently at theSwiss Institute, their concept was simple “Let’s make something that has never been seen before.”
Those may be big words, but they kind of pulled it off. Using stills from of Korine’s 2009 film “Trash Humpers,” as a canvas and color smears, glass shards, sand globs, ballpoint doodles and Xerox copies as their paint, the duo has indeed created a rich, disturbing and strangely alluring universe all its own. “Trash Humpers” is an ode to a group of grotesque and mischievous creatures with mummy-like faces, played by Korine and friends wearing face masks.'

Fragment from the article in The New York Times Style Magazine, read more.

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