Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Don't worry about the form

Botkyrka konsthall
Labyrint 09 - Writings and Observations
Labyrint Press


"This year's edition will focus on artist's books, artists' publications, text art, and various aspects of writing in contemporary art. A research into writing as a way of thinking will be carried out. Does text art change the way we view contemporary literature and writing in media? How are ideas brought forth through text, and how can the way we read an older literary work or history per se, be changed through text? Labyrint will also present works with performative aspects such as film manuscripts of artists, and art in relation to text, music and sound."

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Charlotte Heal

.. this is why we miss uni.

have a look at the 'collected collectors' book... is beautiful, all hand made and bound and cut and ssssssssss

she came to show us her work today...  lots of work... and well... so much reality ...

..charging £80 to £150 a day is reasonable, she says, accordingly with who are you working for of course [and most importantly who you are, I would add (are you a pigeon?) ]... and if you will be there for a while, charge for a slot of work ....  did she say £19000 to £20 000 something is the normal per year ?  hmmm .... 


At the Whitechapel Gallery from 16. Oct - 3. Jan 10 , with a special night on the 17th of Oct. 

'The sleuthing nature of Sophie Calle's work is uncanny in its playfulness regarding the stalker/stalked relationship, ...... Head upstairs for the earlier work, including The Sleepers (1979), where photographs capture the twenty nine strangers who once shared the artist’s bed. '   from the review at Jotta

Les Dormeurs, 1979

Room with a view


I hope, in between all this full agenda I can escape for a little visit to see the work of this lulu woman... (when i grow old, if i go lulu, i wanna do it the same way she has)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan - Wind Shadow

Can you fake your reflection child?

At the Barbican until the 10th of october 2009