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Wish you were here. Fordham gallery

The good thing about being working only 2 days a week, is when you get to wake up early, check whats on store for the day, and take pleasure of accidental findings.
Today, I bumped into a little unsual set of exhibitions, performed in the space of 3 hrs, 27 art students from Belgium performed a solo show for 7 glorious minutes. With opening drinks and all for each of them, the Fordham Gallery, located in the middle of the Whitecross Street market (yes, it's a stall!!), presented to curious and intrigued passing bys from 'hot art' to drawn crocodiles, free napkins and painted leafs.

Although I wasn't sure what to take from all of what was shown, something is for sure to take, facing the disgraceful amputations that art funding in England is suffering, there is the need for new and more appropiate ways of claiming public spaces,'Wish you were here' exhibition was a great example.

Fordham Gallery

Jasper Haentjens

I found this lovely image in his blog..

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