Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Andy Denzler

People remain what they are even if their faces fall apart

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Attack is the best Defence. MOONKEUM KIM

'Showing emotion became a crime. You are supposed to be mild and fine, not too happy nor too sad. The 'normal fineness'. Expression is aggression. People cannot face others overflown emotion. They are well kept from each other in certain distance. So they prefer the 'nice' to the honest one.

Sometimes I feel outrage. I want throw everything and brake, move my body in the biggest motion and shout as loud as I can or I have ever heard. I don't know what stops me not to. There's fear, uknown other's existence. And there is me worrying how they would think of me. I want to be the nice to be around. The friendable one, the sociable one.

 The relationships people make are based on the elementary unit box which filled with all those manners and worries. But it's not only one. The box has another box inside and the other. So the relationships we have are made of the walls of the boxes. The thicken layers. We are not connected, but we block each other with the layers. We try not to see each others as we are.

When the layers make airless, the outcry comes. We thicken the wall again. 

I am protecting myself under the helmet. And you are protecting yourself under yours too. Wherether you are the enemy or not, I'm not for you. I am well keeping myself to be myself. And I believe that you are doing the same. I breath but the warmth of my breath only covers myself, keeps my skin soft and humid. The doors opened to outside are the only place, I believe, I could get attacked. So I'm scared wheter I'm going to die out of this loneliness or with a sudden attack which would, might never come. So I die here in the darkness of my shield.

I blind you.
I cut your mouth off.
I block your ears.
You are faceless and nameless.
You are an anonymous a

Moonkeum Kim