Friday, 27 March 2009

sarah moon

dan eldon

such an amazing human being, photographer and obsessive chronicler of his life and not in self indulgent style he was political and funny and you just know if you met somebody like him your life would probably change. see the book :the journey is the destination

Monika Grymala

Ruptures, at the Drawin Room on Brunswic Laburnum Street, London, E2 8BD

"... Monika Grzymala’s installations function somewhere between an architectural intervention and immense line drawings. Grzymala’s installation for The Drawing Room is a personal response to the chaotic London sky-line, to the architectural space of the gallery and to the ideas explored in the Hayward Touring exhibition, ‘The end of the line: attitudes in drawing’, of which this commission is part.

Grzymala describes each drawing in space in terms of kilometres of used line which references the personal investment of time and energy. For Ruptures the lines will be created from sticky tape in varying tones of grey, a nod to the predominance of grey in our city. These lines will be interrupted and converge on given points, collide and ricochet, sending out reports, staccato marks to bombard other areas. Miraculously the eye will fill in the gaps, create the continuum capable of maintaining the velocity of the multiple lines. The rectilinear properties of The Drawing Room will be ruptured by the maelstrom of activity that punctuates the space...."

Her Webstite

I found the review of her exhibition in Art Rabbit very interesting, and related it immediately with my research on space, yet when I visited the exhibition I found  it actually rather disturbing when in looking through her books in the Gallery I found this project called Colours a conversation with trees. An installation where fills op the space with branches painted in bright colours. This discovery was after I made my branches about territorial claims for the Crypt Gallery. Also at this time I started to find more and more work from other people working with colouful branches, Like Mattew Josep Spencer or the guerilla Knitting collective, somehow I did not find this inspiring. I wanted to continue with my project but in a different way. I went back to the research on uses of space and ways of claiming territories. 

Thursday, 26 March 2009

tanya ling

fine texure, colours and line movement

joe magee

the book i'm mad at now ( i saw in Koenig bookshop ).
so expensive even with student discount so i'm making one for myself.

Mike Mills

an amazing guy

Deborah Turbeville

no good source on the web
but a nice book found in the library
for aliiiiiiia

Monday, 23 March 2009

Sash B

Sticky taping my Territory in a shared Space

Mapping the Connections, Mapping the in-between

his profile

and an interview

In researching on space this work makes me think of the different Uses of its physicality. The notions of territory. Limits, Borders. 

Emily Paige


Squids in living room

Matthew Joseph Spencer

Orange Stick

Fat Bastard Mirror

his website..

from Another Fashion Book

from the new Another Fashion Book by another magazine at DAZED digital...

for your porn project alia?

Matteo Bigliard

new graduates from Central Saint Martin’s MA Fashion course at DAZED digital...

Christian Wijnants

at DAZED digital...

Thursday, 19 March 2009


this link was kindly passed around by leonardo...

and on his website, he is got a special place called answers for students! aint he lovely, ... or may be he got sick of getting emails from design students saying, dear Stefan, i really love your work... how did you get those amazing yellow and orange stripes of colour moving so nicely, yours design student xxooxx ... hehehee..

Monday, 16 March 2009

Thursday, 12 March 2009


actually I hated them.. but then I saw the book (like a dog returns to its vomit) again at moon's house... they are great sick great ... I saw the original at the whitechapel a few years back, I guess i needed to digest them ..

this is from the set they bought of Goya's Los Caprichos and drew all over them...

Alexsandr Rodchenko

A lot of the earlier work was done by hand in gouache. Well worth going to the exhibition at the Tate Modern.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Max Eastley

Sound sculptures ...

unpredictable, always shifting, never fix? ... we like it!

want to see more?

Salt on a table

vibrating at different frequencies produces a visual representation of the harmonic nodes.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

alice walton

alice walton

Ian Davenport

there is an exhibition at the moment at the Alan Cristea Gallery and is free, they have a very nice video interview which for some paranoic reason I can't up load here.. oh dear... but anyway, here is the link...

part of the exhibition "Minimalism and After IV" in berlin

Puddle Painting: Prime II
acrylic paint on aluminium
40 1/2 x 31 in / 103 x 79 cm

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Amy Brown

aint she just funny....

Kenn Goodall

Animal Collective / Bearded magazine


...if you wanna get dizzy... perspective and perception of space"/> video platform video management video solutions free video player




and you know... his friends too..

James Unsworth

John Casey... pfff .. he is also got lots of friends....

Shawn Barber

.. this is that guy that paint tattooed people... hmmm...

Antony Micallef


Monday, 2 March 2009


Untitled (Model)

Untitled (Crumpled Paper), 2006
Encaustic, wax, oil paint on paper
11 ft 8 3/4 in x 14 ft 5 7/8 in
357.5 x 441.6 cm


Untitled, 2008, AB|MB (Convention Center)

La Oficina, 1992
Ping Pond Table, 1998


this man completely blows my mind... I love the magnitude f his work.. I love how he does not care... I was looking for an image to upload, and I found his latest work, "Pulse Tank" (2008).New Orleans Bienniale, New Orleans. (photo by Scott Saltzman), and it made me think of a little installation I was planning to do.. it looks so similar to how I imagined it.. a noise made out of square waves and white noises... and yea... it looked very very much like this, only that this is 10 000 times better...

and this is me at "Under Scan" (2008). Trafalgar Square, London, UK


Richard Prince My Religion 2004-2005 acrylic on canvas 107" x 156" [detail]

..and the nurses, i like the nurses


this are over-painted photographs, I cant wait for the exhibition at the national portrait gallery... mmmmm..... look look, he is a amazing.. i think he does not sleep ever.. and he must have started painting at the age of 2 ... so much work....

The paint over the photographs does not let you see properly what is behind. A physical barrier can be a very simple mechanism to immediate suggested invisibility. The softness of this "suggestion" can perhaps be a little too delicate?   He uses other mechanisms in his paintings, like blurriness but the one I found very strong was painting the subject giving the back to the viewer, making it impossible to make any sort of contact, you are unable to identify with one another.