Monday, 31 January 2011


folio issue zero from folio on Vimeo.



I am going to go watch it this week, for which apparently I need to get emotionally prepared as it promises good amounts of rawness. Wanna come along? I can't wait to cry in the cinema and feel uneasy on my way back home..

movies for cheese sundays..


John Cameron Mitchell

I need to start leaving one day a week to go to the cinema..

Changing Education Paradigms..

so? what do you think?

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Have a Bad Day

lovely right? .. well it's from toronto, but suffer not. you can buy it at the ICA.. yeay.

found at: thank you, ok .. lovely blog have a look.

miniature models..

if you find yourself in the need of miniature models, this is the place to get them..

El Guincho, Bombay

El Guincho - Bombay from CANADA on Vimeo.

Monday, 24 January 2011

The Sonic Body - Harry Neve , Thomas Michalak and Anna Chocola

"The Sonic Body is an audio-installation that uses interactive technology to create an orchestra of the human body. Developed as a collaboration between four interdisciplinary artists and a heart surgeon, the installation brings together art and medical-science to reveal the unheard sounds of the body. The installation, created by artists Harry Neve , Thomas Michalak and Anna Chocola , appears on its exterior as a neutral cylindrical pod. Once inside however, the audience is immersed in a contrastingly tactile and multi-sensory space filled with sculptural fabric forms that evoke the shapes and contours of inner body parts. The audiences’ movements and contact with the installation triggers a symphony of sounds to be played that have been recorded from within the body [...]"

Oliver Hangl - "insight out"

"Insight out" was a performance done in vienna where Hangl gave residents of a new building pieces or plays which they then performed within their own homes with open curtains. These performances would then be observed by people within another building across the street using binoculars while listening to a soundtrack, melting and interchanging the role of both the observed and the observer.

Guy Debord - La critique de la separation (with subtitles past the first 2 min)

Wintertime's Doll

Aaahhhh YES.  awesome.

Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands "Wintertime's Doll" from sophie gateau on Vimeo.

for Patrick Kelleherr by Sophie Gateau. Found at Beautiful/Dacay. 

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Friday, 21 January 2011

'Dürer with Girlfriend', Dorothee Golz

Wohahaha I find this incredibly funny
found at 'today and tomorrow'

Thursday, 20 January 2011


all images taken from 'Contemporary Art Blog'

So you might have noticed how embarrassingly dyslexic I am. Well this does not stop just with writing, but affecting my working and long term memory, it makes me pretty useless at wanting to have 'interesting'  conversations.. simply cos no-one takes you seriously if you cant remember the name of the artist/photographer/film-maker/author of the piece you are claiming you like so much. And then you try to at least remember what the damn thing is about but the information is just not there. You just know you love them... no use, you are just a douchebag.
Im mentioned this cos one of the pieces I saw today at the Tate seamed to be like what this feels like. It was lines and lines similar to this: a famous artist who's best work was never shown
Anyhow, for this reason is sadly often that I find myself missing out on many exhibitions cos I cant remember I like this artist,  or that I go there and I cant remember what the concept of their work is about, so I kinda miss out on a lot of the joy. 
But in this occasion I was really really waiting for this exhibition, and it was incredible, also to recognise so much of his work and also make sense of it hahah. 
Anyways, sorry if I disappoint you, Im not gonna give you an analysis of the exhibition, Im just gonna tell you that you HAVE to go and see it, cos its gorgeous. I got to see lot of my favourites and also lots new stuff. In fact I am going to go and see it again. 
And I might start a little charity  box: help mara buy a book about Orozco, cos there is at least 4 that I fucking want.

I killed my mother, 2009

So I want to see this:

but I have to admit is not cos I found the trailer so thrilling, but more cos I saw this little extract by accident..

and well to be honest is hard to say if its just the scene which even if  I found it horribly cheese is also at the same time quite sexy, or its because that guy, the taller one is extra hot?? hmm

It does genuinely intrigues me though,  the fact that the director is bloody 20 years old!!! and this film gave him not one but three nominations at the Cannes Festival, what a perfect excuse to watch it  ;)





Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Hour-glass Sanatorium

1973 Polish film directed by Wojciech Jerzy. as close to dreaming as it gets, albeit a bit long.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Ori Gersht

.. could not find a website, or a set in a single post, so that is a bit sad.
thanks Richard, for telling me about him and for saying my photo look like his work :)

Dawn Mellor

incredible incredible stuff

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Future Shorts Best of 2010

Filip Dujardin

Pghuuuuugh!!! fictional architecture, tell me it ain't incredible ...
all images taken from his WEBSITE.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin

People in trouble, 42Sheet3
(c-type 2010)

Afterlife, collage, glass, lead, c-type print
20" x 16", 2009

The Invisible Frame, 2009

I watch the whole thing waiting for something to happen... and the only thing that got me excited for about two seconds was recognising the street where my friends live. Watch this when you have insomnia. It was beautifully shat, there is plenty of birds and nature like sounds and very little of that sloooowwly said poetic monologue.


Germany 2009

  60 Min

     DIR Cynthia Beatt

Monday, 10 January 2011

gilbert garcin

"the driven ambition"

"the fear of ignorance"

"diogenes of lucidity"

"the mill of oblivion"

This guy is brilliant, he was an accountant or banker for most of his life and at the ripe young age of 65 years old decided to become an artist and made a book of these photo-montages. The best part are the titles. allegorical, humorous and accurate. There are so many good ones it's worth checking out his website and seeing them all.

‘confronting the meanings and absurdities of the human condition in stark, dream-like landscapes and situations’.

"The fact was that, in his seventieth year and in his brilliant ascent, Gilbert Garcin was going through all the torments of the young artists while at the same time pursuing his “unsayable dreams of success” with all the tenacity of an ex-businessman and, above all, the iron will of be someone who knows that time is not unlimited."



Australia 1993

114 Min

DIR Rolf de Heer

Raqib Shaw

Rachel Kneebone

During my lunch brake I went to the White Cube, this is what I saw.
A collection of sculptures and drawings that felt like looking at a wet dream, confusing, quiet, and very sexy.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

jacob whibley


"After he had leaked against a tree I went over, pissed there too, and scuffed my shoe against the earth so he would know I had his system. He was delighted. He barked loud and ran round me excited for a few minutes. He must have felt there had been a major breakthrough in the spread of hound civilization and who knows he may be right."


Portable City: Jia Yu Guan, 2009