Thursday, 20 January 2011


all images taken from 'Contemporary Art Blog'

So you might have noticed how embarrassingly dyslexic I am. Well this does not stop just with writing, but affecting my working and long term memory, it makes me pretty useless at wanting to have 'interesting'  conversations.. simply cos no-one takes you seriously if you cant remember the name of the artist/photographer/film-maker/author of the piece you are claiming you like so much. And then you try to at least remember what the damn thing is about but the information is just not there. You just know you love them... no use, you are just a douchebag.
Im mentioned this cos one of the pieces I saw today at the Tate seamed to be like what this feels like. It was lines and lines similar to this: a famous artist who's best work was never shown
Anyhow, for this reason is sadly often that I find myself missing out on many exhibitions cos I cant remember I like this artist,  or that I go there and I cant remember what the concept of their work is about, so I kinda miss out on a lot of the joy. 
But in this occasion I was really really waiting for this exhibition, and it was incredible, also to recognise so much of his work and also make sense of it hahah. 
Anyways, sorry if I disappoint you, Im not gonna give you an analysis of the exhibition, Im just gonna tell you that you HAVE to go and see it, cos its gorgeous. I got to see lot of my favourites and also lots new stuff. In fact I am going to go and see it again. 
And I might start a little charity  box: help mara buy a book about Orozco, cos there is at least 4 that I fucking want.

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