Monday, 10 January 2011

gilbert garcin

"the driven ambition"

"the fear of ignorance"

"diogenes of lucidity"

"the mill of oblivion"

This guy is brilliant, he was an accountant or banker for most of his life and at the ripe young age of 65 years old decided to become an artist and made a book of these photo-montages. The best part are the titles. allegorical, humorous and accurate. There are so many good ones it's worth checking out his website and seeing them all.

‘confronting the meanings and absurdities of the human condition in stark, dream-like landscapes and situations’.

"The fact was that, in his seventieth year and in his brilliant ascent, Gilbert Garcin was going through all the torments of the young artists while at the same time pursuing his “unsayable dreams of success” with all the tenacity of an ex-businessman and, above all, the iron will of be someone who knows that time is not unlimited."

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