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on casting with light.. and other things, of course


I'm not sure who's work this is... it 'might' be Rachel Whiteread's... not sure... can you correct me?

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It's Nice That. Weekly Discussions

The Blog Blackout

This week we invited people through Twitter to submit an article for our weekly discussion, thankfully Manchester based designer Chris Gray took the opportunity and here it is. If you would like to get involved in the future email

I probably spend an unhealthy amount of time on blogs, to the point where I waste hours looking at the same thing on about 200 different pages. Which did get me thinking about what I did before there was countless websites all doing the same thing yet are all equally popular. From working in a big studio environment and seeing the studio grind to a halt when the net dies to working for myself trying to be disciplined enough to not click safari every time I get a spare minute. There seems to be a total reliance on being able to surf the web as part of being a designer. Surely it can’t be a good thing that most of us are all getting the same inspiration from the same places. No wonder everyones work is starting to look the same. Every week I get e-mails from students that are carbon copies of a recent post and I wish I could reach through my monitor and give them a right old slap. Not to mention that every second advert on TV seems to be cack handed rip-off from something good found on a blog. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hasn’t forgotten the Berocca advert. So that’s me done. I’ve managed to convince myself that it would do me no harm from being offline. Well. At least until tomorrow.

So, where now, how do we stay aware without falling into the pitfalls of styles and trends?

Chris Gray runs the art label Toy, designs under the name We Shall See and is represented by Studio AKA. His work has appeared in Vice, idN, Computer Arts and books published by Victionary and Gestalten. He is also a writer for the Design Assembly.

It fees a little stupid to do a copy and paste of the whole post, but when I started this blog the aim was to share things that I find interesting and by sharing, I mean if you like it, go find out a little more about it, comment discuss, I have put a link to it...  but I often wonder not only how many of you actually find more about it, also, how many clicks does one have to go through to find the original source to it.. a blogging nightmare it can become. Which is also one of the things they have discuss about. So I post it complete this time so you don't have to click again... you still have to be bother to read though. Will you? .. well, if you did, you might then also be bother to click to 'It's nice that' cos  there is a very big chance you will find their weekly discussion relevant. they also think must comments suck, and they question what is the role of the blogger and the blog reader... self publishing is gonna kill the old hard copies.. is that a good or a bad thing? anyway, why are you reading this half digested article of something i read somewhere else? go read it your self .... 
click click click

and then we'll never see the sun light again

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Felice Varini

Visit his website for more examples of his work

Chris Engman

Three Squares, 2006

Archival inkjet print
40" x 25.625", edition of 8
58" x 37.250", edition of 6

Landscape for Benjamin (Trees), 2005

Archival inkjet print
40" x 23.125", edition of 8
58" x 33.625", edition of 6

Visit his website here for more images

Brion Nuda Rosch

My gosh, I just found this image by Brion Nuda Rosch and the similarities to an image I made a few days ago are just ridiculous. Here I am again wondering if im a genius or simply is my memory playing dirty games with my sanity again. Have I seen this before and decided to forget and just appropriate this idea as my own? go on compare them and tell me what you think...

Found Book Page on Found Book Page by Brion Nuda Rosch

Pride is Hard to Swallow. found postcard on found postcard by maRa bueno

In any case, what ever you call it, selected memory or happy coincidences, this happenings excite me. 

But this is not the only work of his that strongly resonates with what i have been going on about for the past year or so, have a look at this other images:

Ceremonial Mask for Ed Ruscha, 2009
House paint on found book page
10 x 7.5 inches

for its similarities with my 'present absence, space' investigations:

But this findings have a double sided feeling to them. On one hand I feel I should somehow going on the right direction, on the other hand is difficult to not think is been done and there is no point in doing it again.    

And the dangers lays in the other works that don't look as anything i've done, which of course, is the majority of them, because they are almost like a car crash, i don't wanna see them for fear to end up making just bland terrible copies but I cant stop myself cos i just find them beautiful. 

Anyway, if you wanna see more of his work have a look at this website from where i got the images from.

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collier schorr

tim walker

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Philip Glass- Sesame Street- Geometry of Circles

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tell me this is not just lovely... found at 'little Paper Planes' blog

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Scott H. Bourne

the whole book in PDF

Masao Yamamoto

Diane Arbus

for more, in here

et mecanique (1924) Fernand Leger


Orphée, 1949

Blood of a Poet Trailer 1930


I’ve been a good boy: I took the little piece of paper
I’ve been a bad boy: I didn’t listen to what the guy was saying
I’ve been a bad boy: I lost the little piece of paper
Overall result, I am unable to tell you who built these pretty sexy pieces of art
I guess, I’m an overall bad boy

text and videos from Sang Bleu's blog on October 25th 2009

Anna Parkina

Zamki I Samki
Collage and gouache on paper
41 x 43 cm

Collage, ink and gouache on paper
42.5 x 50 cm

At Saatchi online gallery

Review at Frieze mag.

'Coagulate' by Mihai Grecu

france, 2008

Sam Winston

Made Up True Story

his website...