Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Monday, 22 February 2010

Charles Danby

Untitled Diagonal Landscape 01
Pencil on paper

image taken from his website

this image is the Cover of the book 'luminous territories'

Patric Goddard

 Patric Goddard is part of  the artist behind Section Six Gallerya space dedicated to art, it is an outlet for new artists to show work without the pressure of commercial viability. The gallery is a squatted space which is viewable only from the street, it is not open to the public. The shutters open in the evening, and close in the morning, bringing art to the night.

jesmonite, paint, steel, glass eye, false teeth
98 x 82 x 42cm

Image taken from his website

Damage Goods,

this animation by fine artist Barnaby Barford, was commissioned by

at the David Gill Galleries, from 19 february- 20 March 2010

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Jookabox - You Cried Me

:) I like the Chad Vangaalen likeness of the animation in this...
so I wanted to post that 
'Molten Light' that like after this, but the embedding is disabled,
so you can click here instead

Saturday, 13 February 2010

the loveliness of facebook

As you can see, there is a few names listed under contributors, and as you can also see, the only one really contributing is me hahaha ...

but that is ok, cos every so often in between ridiculous fan groups and applications, you can find in the corridors of 'news feed' that people also posts some really interesting stuff, is like looking through the pile hole...

this time Abi put a link to 'discourse notebook' on Jackie's wall, a site on making lectures in continental philosophy available, with a fairly extended archive of audio and video recordings. 



Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Diego Teo, Visual Artist, En busca del Espacio (In the Search of Space)

Materia y Espacio

how much I wish this was subtitled ... for you i mean... I can understand it..  yeay! :)

The embedding of this video is disabled so I cant put a direct link to it, but click HERE to see it.  
A partir de entender el Espacio como lo unico que lo puede definir son sus limites, osea el espacio es todo y entiendo el espcio a partir de algo que me dice que es adentro, el espacio de dentro, el espacio de afuera, el espcaio de arriba el espacio de bajo... la materia viene como un juego dual, en donde la materia va a ser el que limite ese espcaio, el que le de sentido a ese espacio...

....sentia que al rehacerla hiba a poder aprender mas de ella que siendo solo un espectador

....lo cotidiano no solo como materia misma, lo cotidiano como un objeto lleno de cargas sociales, cargas de su uso cotidiano y real, de su relacion en  la sociedad, que al tomar este objeto cotidiano yo podia jugar con su sentido social, con su carga historica y transformarla, modificarla. 

Deafinite Style by Designaffairs Studio

this is what I call product Design.... 

 Click on Image to read article.