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The Dog Pound

Uruguay 2006
90 Min
DIR Manolo Nieto

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tommy Nease

Found at Holy Ghost.

Britta Thie

Yes!! a few months ago I came across this video. I liked it, but when I saw the rest of her work I was not so sure, so I decided not to feature it. The thing is, it keeps crawling back in my head, but just as a very abstract memory, with no recollection of her name or where I originally saw it, it became quite a head fuck that would play in a loop sometimes when I was not paying attention, like a screen saver.

Today I re-found it,  thank you Late Night Shop, for posting it. That would teach me.

Flemish Eye Records

Its a Canadian Record Label. They have some really sweet stuff, you can listen their player here. Cos there is many ways to discover great music with out some smart ass boy having to tell ya, hehehe

Chad VanGaalen

I just read the downloadable Issue n.1  ICA magazine, it has a couple of interesting interviews. 

One with Ekow Eshun  the ICA's artistic Director in 2009 by Aisha Christison, here is an extract:

' of the things that I tend to think about is how
visual artists now occupy the role that philosophers
once had. Artists are some of the few
people left in our society whose job it is to ask
questions. Not particularly to give answers,
but to keep asking questions. In terms of how
that even relates to somewhere like here…
I used to resent any sense of my parents deciding
somehow that I should do this or I should
do that. It’s not the issue. The issue actually is
how you come to a decision about what you
do and about how you decide that’s the right
thing, which doesn’t mean you get it right, but
I think the important thing is how we come to
be individuals and how we come to find the
ways that we can express ourselves as fully or
as freely as possible, I’m not interested in being
told what you should be or what you should
do.The important thing is to be able to have
your place and have your voice in the culture
that we live in. The important thing is to be
able to say what you think.'

And the other one is with Chad VanGaalen, whom now I love even more. Chloë Simos writes rather bitterly about his disinterest on the interview, his evasive answers on his personal life and you can even sense her irritation when he replied he doesn't really listen to music when asked which are his musical inspirations. And  just after she has decided he is just an anti-social hermit, he comes to stage and jokes around with the  audience and gives them more information than she could spoon out with her celebrity like questionnaire. 

'But then I was expecting as much
from a man who is notorious
for spending months locked up
in his studio with nothing but
his instruments and pens for
company. On this subject he is
also brief: ‘I have a home studio.
I have a lot of shit to do… it’s
not like I’m anti-social.’
I disagree.'

But in between the tantrum she game me a beautiful piece of unknown information. In 2009 he released Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz, an instrumental album under the pseudonym Black Mold, and its so much fun to listen to. 

Check him out, he also does the animation work. You can Download for free (with his permission)  two of his songs.

Watercolour at the Tate

From the 16th of february 2011

Susan Hiller

Looking forward


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Claire Pestaille

Found at Booooooom.

Take away shows (Local Natives)

About five years ago I was walking around east london and decided to go through Spitalfields Market as a short cut. To my surprised, there was, right there, in a weekday with no other audience but passing buys a live performance of a band that in my teens was one of the first I came across that was not the mainstream pop shit the you hear in the radio. The Cranes, became to me a little bit of a symbol of when I started to want to hang out with boys, go to gigs and be 'indi'. Ten years after, they looked a little less glamorous, rather tired after what I translate as many years of heavy drinking and drug taking. Still I stood there, with my grocery shopping and thought it was magical.

There is something very poetic on accidentally finding this things that are so far from the celebrity culture, just on the street, for free, with no previous advertisement done, even or specially with the lack of big professional sound systems.  The reminder of the first hand undigested aesthetic experience. Wasn't this the  purpose of art? When did we reduce it to a bourgeoisie  battle of throwing out artist's names, dtaes and isms  in discussions with people with perfect haircuts?

Local Natives | Who Knows Who Cares | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

I'm so jealous of that girl whom obviously has no idea who this guys are and yet is just completely innocently touch by this.

Found at Booooooom.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Christoph Schlingensief

Christoph Maria Schlingensief (born October 24, 1960 in Oberhausen) is a German film and theatre director, actor and author. Because of his often controversial work he has often been called a “scandal-maker”.
As a young man he organized art “events” in the cellar of his parents house and artists such as Helge Schneider or Theo Jörgensmann performed in his early films.
Schlingensief considers himself a “provocatively thoughtful” artist. He has created numerous controversial and provocative theatre pieces as well as films, his former mentor being filmmaker and media artist Werner Nekes. One of his main works, the so-called Germany-Trilogy, which deals with three turning points in 20th century German history: the first movie Hundert Jahre Adolf Hitler (Adolf Hitler – A Hundred Years) covers the last hours of Adolf Hitler, the second Das deutsche Kettensägenmassaker (The German Chainsaw-Massacre), depicts the German reunification of 1989 and shows a group of East-Germans who cross the border to visit West-Germany and get slaughtered by a psychopathic family with chainsaws, and the third Terror 2000 uses the theme of the 1970s Red Army Faction terror. His films have been compared to Hans-Jürgen Syberberg’s film, Hitler, A Film from Germany.
And see HERE his lovely first film. Made at the age of 7. 



West Germany


11 Min
Subtitled in English
Audio in German

Ron Van Der Ende

This wall mounted bas-reliefs are constructed from found wood.
What I like about them is that they feel like they are a 3D translation from a 2D that was depicting 3Dimentionality.. I like this little head-fuck. An exercise worth visiting if you are interested in the physicality of space.

Found at Juxtapoz.

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The Glass Eye Maker

wow, I'm having fantasies on wonderful projects involving glass-eye lamps ..

The Glass Eye Maker from Tomas Leach on Vimeo.

found at Beautiful/Decay

Art Project, by Google.

When Moon was doing her Internship at the National Gallery early 2010, I remember her talking about this project, and how ridiculous she found that we are just growing closer to experiencing the world second hand.

This brings to mind another more recent discussion on how the goal on creating technologies that make practical everyday life easier and much quicker, like ordering your shopping on line for example, was to give more free time to socialise and mingle in the super-modern society. And how, far from that, it seams we are growing clumsier at personal relationships, we feel lonely and disconnected. We are eager to attend crowded places and when we realize there is no lonelier place than a jam-packed bar , it seams the only place where we feel comfortable to talk about ourselves, what we like, our opinions and so on is under the shelter of social networking sites.

However, to stay only at that level of the discussion would be a notch too eurocentristic for a mexican, since I remember as well a rather uncomfortable silence when as a student of Visual Arts in the Mexican   National School of Plastic Arts (Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas) I dared to make fun of us studying the classic master pieces in black and white photocopies.

So, I can only say, bring it on Google, in Mexico people is still ok with knocking at their friends front door with out an appointment, invite themselves to dinners  and house parties, talk to strangers at the bus stop and tell them: you are very pretty, do you wanna come and have a coffee?

Now, go click the image for a ride.

Or click HERE to read the tate's review on it.

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Nakanishi uses a laser print to mount his photos onto plexiglass acrylic to create his Layered Drawings.
All images taken from his WEBSITE.

As you know, I have a very soft spot for any 2D that indulges with sculptural properties, particularly those that also suggest time. But it has happen again, at it is starting to not be funny anymore, haha. Tell me what you think of this two, the first one, being by Nakanishi and the second one by me  (part of the studies for the Victim and Tyrant project).

Patternity legs....

 OH YES...  they are £42 though, ouch!  but as far as one of the persons who screen prints them by hand knows, their production is painfully costly and the girls responsible for this beauties have a profit close to nothing..