Sunday, 2 January 2011

Reprise, 2006

This is the film equivalent of the song 'the past is a grotesque animal' by of montreal. So there is no point on me trying to explain, or say what is it about, you are gonna have to watch  it. I would just say its excellent. I've written here a bit of a dialogue, which is by no means a synthesis of the film, but may be just about its arrogant honesty feeling. 


Norway 2006

105 Min

DIR Joachim Trier

- Girls aren't cool. They can be pretty or 'cute'
and with some serious dieting, even sexy.
They can be nice. Dumb, but nice.
But who wants 'nice'?
You want interesting people around you.
Has a girl ever introduce you to any new music
or recommended a book you didn't already read in high school?
Anything just slightly outside the mainstream?
If so, she got it from an ex, her brother, her father.
They just pretend.
It's worse here. On the East Side
they know they're underprivileged.
Here they think they have to have an opinion.
And Intrude on adult conversations.
Guys in long-term relationships become so lame.
They get sucked into this feminine sphere of TV-series and nice dinners.
They get less and less time to read and listen to music.
Eventually they don't even miss it.
They end up as understimulated, bourgeois retards.
-Feeling guilty is slave mentality.
Sometimes you have to be Zarathustra. Be mean.

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