Tuesday, 12 November 2013

No one is there, Anika

I'm absolutely in loved with this right now.

"Each man fights his own battle, and each with an invisible enemy."

'Christians often talk about a "God-shaped hole," a need inside us that can be filled only by faith. But perhaps we share a "family-shaped hole." When the old structures recede for men, they find ways to replace them with alternative attachments, bonds with one or two people that offer the warmth and intimacy typically provided by a wife or significant other. If anything, these improvised families can prove more intense because they are formed under duress and, lacking a conventional domestic routine or a recognized status, they must be constantly tended and reinforced.'

This morning while having breakfast I red an article on what promised to be the anatomy of a morbid crime story. I really did not expect it to turn into such a settle and warm human portray of the post-american dream failure, the middle aged white man broken and naked, absolutely vulnerable. And of course, because we are all children of the same bag of broken dreams, I felt incredibly moved, empathic, and portrayed too. 

Read the whole of The Guardian's 'The Craigslist killers: the full story' HERE