Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Black Swan, 2010

hmm I dunno... I didn't really like it. There isn't really much more than what you can see in the trailer.
I am  quite disappointed actually, somehow I am still waiting or the Aronofsky from 'Pi' or even 'Requiem for a Dream'. Even after the cheesy hippy astral fiasco that was 'The Fountain', I still hoped he would get me back to that inner claustrophobia from the need to scape your own mind and self control.
He did not. It is beautiful, and it is thrilling but I did not feel I was going lulu with  Portman like I did with Gullete in Pi.  Or may be I'm just being a bitch cos my insomnia is back and I cant sleep over 3 hrs at the time..?


United States 2010

103 Min

DIR Darren Aronofsky

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