Thursday, 30 July 2009

Richard Kern

sometimes you need to be reminded, thanks rodrigo for reminding me to look again...

I really like the humour of this video, this poor guy died of invisibility, oh I feel for him... and the music.. yep, the music,,,

Monday, 27 July 2009

tamar levine

I like the ghostiness and technicolorness of this.. and why not, a bit of cheese

all images from her website and blog

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Lois Rowe

                               " and black.."

"... white and blue...................."

 see a clip from the video Argument from Design 2006   

'By exploiting the tension in narration between seduction (pulling inward) and incongruity (pushing outward) I hope to expand a space in my work, where the viewer is able to question the impulse to ‘fall into’ the medium of film and where resistance to the urge to empathize with its narrator occurs. By doing this, I hope to invite attention more broadly to the potential of the site where the boundaries between self and other, between empathy and closure, can be redrawn.'

'Rowe uses film as a medium for investigations into the formulative structures of artistic practice: practice that takes place both under the immaterial conditions of histories of thought as well as material conditions of histories of power. Her recent short films have made particular and recurring reference to the role of authorial voice in the construction of sound and un-sound narrative spaces and their consequences for a possible viewer.

.....this apparently natural link between what is shown and what is spoken wavers in and out of synchronicity....... occupying the same space but embodying dissonance. The narrative whole of any articulatory structure, be it documentary or artist’s pronouncement, is made to feel falsely naturalised - a sutured space that may momentarily oppress or repress multiple voices.'

Lois is currently Acting Pathway Leader for BA Fine Art: Print & Time Based Media at Wimbledon College of Art.

images and text taken from here and here.....

today at the ICA film club