Monday, 15 June 2009

Rob Voerman

2000 Linoleumprint and soot on paper 97 x 77cm
Edition of 15 + 1AP

2001 Woodprint on paper 160 x 100cm
Edition of 5 +1AP

'Host # 3'
2009 Wood,glass and polycarbonat 66 x 96 x 27cm

2004 Wood, glue, display-slides a.o.m. 235 x 135cm
Pigfarm with wooden annex with various function incopporated in it like: elderly-home, restaurant, funeral-home and museum.

all images taken from his website

When I found Voerman's work, I had already been researching on victims and tyrants for a while; and had already red the myth of 'narcissus and echo' and was thinking in how to create this little forest, a small 'box' where you could looking in to and witness their encounter. I quite like the rawness of Voerman's little constructions, in 'mega farm' the being able to see all the materials, very much like if he just found them on the floor and then made this and in 'host 3' hos it sort of grows in many directions.

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