Monday, 15 June 2009

Caroline Coolen


“'Arctic landscapes'”

Mary – X – miss
1999, gips, antennes

Attic”, 2000,
houtskool + acryl op muur

All images from her website...

Ceramic has a domestic and home like context, like something you find at your grandmothers home, it is also fragile and very often we connect it with being expensive, something that as a child you are not aloud to play with, is a decorative beautiful object, I am thinking in particular  those white and blue little persons.  
So for my little 'narcissus and echo' forest, I would like to make them out of ceramic. I like the thought of their fragility, the being a beautiful object that you acquire  as an adult. They would be depicting a moment which is tragic and cruel and totally private, I think this disassociation would make it very strong. I would like echo to be reflective, mirror like, to stand in front of echo and be her mirror.   

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