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Aaaaaarggggggg this guy is so amazing i'm feeling sick .... eeew eeeew

this has given me a very nice twist to my dissertation subject.... so is very exciting that I can again borrow books from the library!!

Retinal Memory Volume

'Retinal Memory Volume' is an interactive installation that builds sculpture using the biological mechanisms of the viewer's eyesight. During the experience the viewer's eyes both construct, then erode the form.

The patented retinal after-image process can be considered as a form of printing or photography, where the retina replaces the paper or light sensitive film. The object is created from the absence of photopigments in the eye."


MATRIX is an interactive installation which uses retinal after-image technology to create virtual light sculpture within the mind of a viewer.
Formed within a new perceptual world, sculptures exist in an altered dream like reality. Created from the absence of photochemicals within the eye, the mechanisms of the viewer’s vision, firstly construct then erode the form.  The work asks how numbers are stored in the mind, where do they exist? How are numbers or units visualised?

Tunnel Vision

The artwork aimed to evoke the imagery experienced in worry and problem solving as he lay in bed at night on the edge of sleep. An atmosphere of the industrial age was created with sound and a beautiful sense of loss was described through music. Trains appeared to move along the length of the disused railway track passing through any visitors present.

"The sculpture is like a solid presence, more real than a memory. It is like an object in a dream, yet your eyes are open."

As the work is formed inside the viewer, documentation of the sculpture is impossible. The work allows people to observe their own eyesight, and asks the question, at which point does perception end and memory begin?

Sculptural and perceptual studies
Fog Forms 2004

Light study - refocusing light off the surface of a butterfly

First Breath

During our lifetime the majority of us experience the same mundane and life changing moments. Whether we're cleaning our teeth, having our haircut or getting married, it's these common experiences that help us to connect with one another. At any given time in each city, there are disconnected individuals and hidden communities living through the same life experience. First Breath reveals and makes visible one of these communities.


A gravity meter located in the gallery space measures the changing gravitational pull of the moon and sun on the earth. This information is represented as a video projection showing a full 24 hours of altering gravity. The received data is then made to control water levels automatically within each sculptural object. A friction device makes the glass of each sculpture resonate and sing, like rubbing a finger around the rim of a wine glass. The rise and fall of water levels over time from high to low tide changes the note produced by each singing sculpture.

Portrait Projecting Ring

All images and text taken from his Website, where you can also find some essays...

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