Monday, 7 February 2011

Christoph Schlingensief

Christoph Maria Schlingensief (born October 24, 1960 in Oberhausen) is a German film and theatre director, actor and author. Because of his often controversial work he has often been called a “scandal-maker”.
As a young man he organized art “events” in the cellar of his parents house and artists such as Helge Schneider or Theo Jörgensmann performed in his early films.
Schlingensief considers himself a “provocatively thoughtful” artist. He has created numerous controversial and provocative theatre pieces as well as films, his former mentor being filmmaker and media artist Werner Nekes. One of his main works, the so-called Germany-Trilogy, which deals with three turning points in 20th century German history: the first movie Hundert Jahre Adolf Hitler (Adolf Hitler – A Hundred Years) covers the last hours of Adolf Hitler, the second Das deutsche Kettensägenmassaker (The German Chainsaw-Massacre), depicts the German reunification of 1989 and shows a group of East-Germans who cross the border to visit West-Germany and get slaughtered by a psychopathic family with chainsaws, and the third Terror 2000 uses the theme of the 1970s Red Army Faction terror. His films have been compared to Hans-Jürgen Syberberg’s film, Hitler, A Film from Germany.
And see HERE his lovely first film. Made at the age of 7. 



West Germany


11 Min
Subtitled in English
Audio in German

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