Thursday, 3 February 2011

Art Project, by Google.

When Moon was doing her Internship at the National Gallery early 2010, I remember her talking about this project, and how ridiculous she found that we are just growing closer to experiencing the world second hand.

This brings to mind another more recent discussion on how the goal on creating technologies that make practical everyday life easier and much quicker, like ordering your shopping on line for example, was to give more free time to socialise and mingle in the super-modern society. And how, far from that, it seams we are growing clumsier at personal relationships, we feel lonely and disconnected. We are eager to attend crowded places and when we realize there is no lonelier place than a jam-packed bar , it seams the only place where we feel comfortable to talk about ourselves, what we like, our opinions and so on is under the shelter of social networking sites.

However, to stay only at that level of the discussion would be a notch too eurocentristic for a mexican, since I remember as well a rather uncomfortable silence when as a student of Visual Arts in the Mexican   National School of Plastic Arts (Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas) I dared to make fun of us studying the classic master pieces in black and white photocopies.

So, I can only say, bring it on Google, in Mexico people is still ok with knocking at their friends front door with out an appointment, invite themselves to dinners  and house parties, talk to strangers at the bus stop and tell them: you are very pretty, do you wanna come and have a coffee?

Now, go click the image for a ride.

Or click HERE to read the tate's review on it.

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