Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Matthew Brandt

This photographer soaks his portraits in the person's body fluids, and the photographs of lakes in the lake's water.

 I think I'm a little in loved with him. I mean imagine him asking: can I take a picture of you, and would you mind pissing on it after? how more romantic can you get?

CharlesSalted paper print with his mucus5" x 5 7/8"2007info
Portrait of Charles. Charles' mucus was used as chemical content to produce his own image.

NjenaSalted paper print with her ear wax5" x 5 1/4"2007info
Portrait of Njena. Njena's ear wax was used as chemical content to produce her own image.

Hills Creek Lake OR 4C-print soaked in Hills Creek Lake water30" x 40"2009

Indian Tom Lake CA 1C-print soaked in Indian Tom Lake water16" x 20"2008
Found at Beautiful/Decay 

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