Thursday, 30 December 2010

El Mar, 2000

Spanish remember pretty well the horrors of la guerra santa and the civil war I guess, and have grown some sort of sordid love around it, cos they make the most beautiful gore films. The first one I remember seen was Cria Cuervos and I was around 6. I remember it made me feel that I was about to see something very sad and that it was gonna stay, but that I was also quite  morbidly curious about it. Funnily enough the next time I saw that actress, she was, now a grown up woman, in what I would say was the starting off the proper spanish gore, Thesis.

Watch El Mar, it is horribly beautiful and sad. And it will stay with you.. so I recommend to have some comedy to watch at hand, to wash the after taste away.


Spain 2000

107 Min

DIR Augustí Villaronga

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