Thursday, 1 July 2010

Animal Skulls ...

So time to catch up has come.. and is so exciting, there  is a little project  I'm doing some research for, still all in the air,  but it will involved a beautiful fashion collection,  some animal like pouses  maybe, the roof and corridors of the Art Deco building I'm currently living in hopefully.. and some bare skin with chunks of geometric minimalistic patterns perhaps....  trying to stop my head from wanting to put it all there and keep it suuuuper simple... but this stage is just my favorite, where everything you see seams to want take part of it.... so expect many images  coming for this project which for now I will simply call 'animal skulls'....

From Dazed archives: October 1998 Photographer: Liz Collins, Stylist: Katie Grand.

Im thinking in electric tape... or latex paint... just cos tattoos stay for ever and that is like too long for a photo-shoot.. heheh

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