Sunday, 21 March 2010

Billy Childish

ive been bad for years and years
ive been bad
told i was bad
bad bad
bad at loving
bad at being good
bad at sex
bad at caring
bad at spelling
bad at my mother
bad at my father
a bad boy
a bad brother
bad at riting
bad at stories
bad at art
a bad friend
spoken to badly
badly loved
handled bad
ive been bad for years and years

If you are around London, make a little visit to his exhibition at the ICA, so you can read a little of his poetry, see some of his paintings, posters and little publications, listen some of his music. I discovered him by accident, and bought one of is poetry book (hand stamped cover
with no author, no ISBN and no barcode), which I red in one sit. 

All images are taken from his website, don't forget to give a read to his manifesto. Luckily  spotify is got a really long list of his music, I did a little selection of the ones I so far liked the most, click here to listen. 

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