Saturday, 2 January 2010

that kind of love... ('Thirst' Park Chan-Wook,2009)

Like a leper rotting in flesh, 
let all avoid me.
Like a cripple without limbs,
let me move not freely.
Remove my cheeks,
that tears may not roll down them.
Crush my lips and tongue,
that I may may not sin with them.
Pull out my nails,
That I may grasp nothing.
Let my shoulders and back be bent,
that I may carry nothing.
Like a man with a tumour in the head,
let me lack judgement.
Ravage my body sworn to chastity,
and have me live
in shame.
Let no one pray for me.
But only the grace of the lord
Jesus Christ have mercy of me.

.. the one where vampires have reflections, and victims are invisible

.. the one that illuminates the night with artificial light.

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