Monday, 10 August 2009

Camberwell, Ceramics

Is middle August, is time for me to start thinking pigeon.. 5 years in advance... so, next move? well, graduating in june 2010, but gotta think MA applications are around january, so Portfolio is gotta be nice and finish by december... hmm... so, the decision whether what MA on has to be done pretty much now.

Three MA's are on my mind, Ceramis, Sculpture and Fine Art.

I started by checking out this 3 at the Royal College of Art, just by mere curiosity, I know I can't afford it.. and well, even if I could, It just would not be possible... MA in Ceramics asks a BA in ceramics or glass or equivalent professional experience where candidates from related backgrounds, for example, textiles, sculpture, architecture and industrial design can be considered. The Sculpture one asks for a a good first degree in sculpture and display a talent in the making of sculpture and a mastery of its basic techniques. And they dont offer a Fine Art one, but the Painting one well, Im not sure if I would like to do that one..

So anyway after that, I started looking in to the University of the Arts MA programs, and thinking of the Ceramics final show at camberwell, I had another look at their requirements. I found this video which I found exciting because they make and emphasis on their sculptural and fine art approach.

I did a little research on the work of the people mentioned, and to be honest, hmm. did not find their work that very exciting...

Edith Garcia's X & 0

Richard Slee's Picnic, 1998, 26cm high, hand-built glazed earthenware

So I better include some of the work I saw from the people graduating this year, why did I like them better? (may be is just a the digital image of the 3D object against this experience of being at the exhibition)anyway, this are:

Julia Kubik

Rebecca Cowie

Camilla Webb Carter

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  1. hi i found this blog, through skip, I'm studying art, too, that exhibition looks expertly thought out