Saturday, 9 May 2009

kenichi okada

See here the video of his Delay Mirror

grauated from lcc... then RCI.... and well... hmmm ... a geek

we saw his work, remember moon? at Revital's graduating exhibition..

I was looking into tricks with mirrors, trying to find the way to make once disappear, thinking how expensive are mirrors and thus making it pretty difficult to even simply experiment with them, brake them, cut them, paint on them, and still can't even imagine how to fake that moment of invisibility, can i fake it another way?  

This project does not help me solve that problem but, I found this piece of work very interesting, and this game of illusory reflection reminds me of that duality (victim and tyrant) have we become the self and the other? is this the way out to hell is other people? becoming our own response to our own existence?  

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