Thursday, 9 April 2009


" axonometric projection.... not made in perspective, because it does not diminsh towards a vanishing point, but it looks like perspective ... his works are usually made in forced perspective, and in reverse, he is interested to see what spectators make of this object: which when you look at it, looks as if it has already been looked at...."

when rOman first told me about this guy exhibition at the flowers gallery I checked their website and I went like meeehh, kinda thing you know.. today I was there with leonardo and this guy fucking rocks man, moon, if you are one of those weirdoes who gets high at space investigations... you gotta look at this guy.. forget about the website .. it looks boring.. in flesh though, I loved it... well... lately I love everything hehe... like that concert of Michael Nyman that I found so overwhelming that I cry while moon was next to me sleeping, hehehe.... (here, to defend myself I have to admit that I found the first part of the concert rather cheesy, you know he even played the piano track! ... geeeeeees, it was the second part that was fantastic) ... anyway, if you do go to the gallery, forget about downstairs... go straight up...

Later on I came back to this guys work, when I started in looking for ways to make you feel invisible. I was looking into making a mirror full body size ( a whole wall, in my wildest dreams) where you could see the reflection of everyone and everything in the room.. except for yourself. Kind of like a vampire. How does it feel to not be able to find your reflection? This idea came  from my visual research on victims and tyrants, and my reading of 'The Nausea' by Jean Paul Sartre. 

..Hell is other people'...  he writes, and it refers to the need of the other recognition in order to exist. I am only from the moment you can see me, there for we are in a never ending search for this eyes, for this response from the other to our existence, this is reflection. Where you can not reflect you don't exist, Invisibility is the end and the beginning of all cruelty.

The reason I came back to him was the use he gives to different planes in his 3 dimensional painting, giving an amazing illusion of movement and space. I wondered if I could use his tricks for making the mirror, perhaps using some weird angles I can find the way to make the person standing right in front of it disappear, not find his reflection, become invisible.  

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